How to Choose a Floral Centrepiece for any Wellington Event


A floral centrepiece can add a beautiful touch to any dinner party or special Wellington event, but how do you know what to design or colour to choose! By following these tips, New Zealanders can ensure that their centrepieces and other flowers blend in with the rest of the event décor.

Match Centre Pieces to the Event Theme

One aspect of corporate floral arrangements that can be forgotten is that the flowers should match the event’s theme. For instance, if the party is to be held around Christmas, floral arrangements could focus on shades of red and green. For Easter, many choose pastel colours. Above all, the chosen wedding or corporate floral arrangements should add to the decor and the event’s theme.

Choose a Smaller Centre Piece

For some tabletop arrangements, a large centrepiece may be excessive. Here, the event planner could make a less formal, smaller arrangement for each guest. Centrepieces should be small enough to allow guests to make eye contact with one another across the table.

Avoid Heavily Fragranced Flowers

Because flowers for events in are typically used for dinner events, they should not be overly fragrant. A strongly scented flower will not mix well with the aroma of the food, which is supposed to be the focal point of the event. When planning a wedding or other gathering, choose flowers that won’t diminish the enjoyment of the meal.

Consider Floating Arrangements

Floating arrangements are a popular trend among florists in Wellington. When flowers float, they retain their shape and lend an elegance to the overall decor. Roses are an ideal choice for this type of centrepiece, and fruit slices can add more colour to each arrangement.

Wellington florists can help a planner make a dinner, event, or party more special. Floral experts can help customers choose arrangements that match the party’s theme, don’t smell too strongly, and bring the wow factor to your next event. For more ideas on how flowers can compliment your next Wellington event just contact The Flower Studio ( for flowers that suit any occasion.


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